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Trip Protection Plan

Anything can happen, and with the Guardian Trip Protection Plan we promise to protect your investment in the event of a trip cancellation
The Trip Protection Plan (TPP) is the only option for a FULL REFUND in the event of a group cancellation. Guardian is the only company in the industry offering this option. The COVID pandemic taught us the importance of protecting your travel investment. Travel packages with Guardian are non-refundable, so we encourage you to purchase this plan.  The Trip Protection Plan also includes individual cancellations, which will all funds less a service fee of 20% of the total cost of the trip package.  Notification of cancellation must be made to Guardian Music and Group Travel at least 48 hours before scheduled departure to activate the refund plan.
The TPP can be purchased up until 9 months prior to travel, or if registration is within 9 months of travel it can be purchased up until 14 days after initial deposit. After that time, enrollment in the TPP cannot be made.
Please log back on to your WeTravel account and purchase this add-on.

All cancellations must be submitted within 72 hours of departure by filling out the form at

Refunds may include a vendor credit such as for flights.  More details regarding this plan can be found in our terms and conditions at registration.


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